Since its foundation, Wuhan Fangyuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd., who takes environmental treatment, clean production and recycling economy as its main development theme and powerful motivation, has established a successful “green” developing pattern and achieved significant and soaring progress. It has become one of the most famous domestic enterprises within the industry for its high quality products and environmental friendliness. 

As a company dedicated to the “green” production of titanium dioxide, the Company is the first domestic enterprise within the industry to implement complete treatment and comprehensive utilization of “the three wastes”, and takes the lead in installing the 24-hour online monitoring equipment on the sewage outlets. As a result, its environmental protection projects have been in the leading position at home. In 2001, the Company was honored as the “Advanced Unit in Pollution Control and Environmental-Friendliness” and “Advanced Enterprise in Water Saving” in Wuhan, etc. In 2004, it was successively awarded the honor of “Advanced Enterprise in Water Saving” by Wuhan Municipal Government and the Department of Construction of Hubei Province; in the second half year of the same year, the Company passed the certification of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and is the first enterprise to do so in China within the industry. In the early 2007, the Company passed the review and acceptance inspection for clean production enterprise in Wuhan, as one of the first three qualified enterprises in the city. 

Waste acid concentration was a technical challenge that failed to be solved for years because of foreign technical blockade and lack of mature experience to follow at home. The Company, by conducting hundreds of tests within nearly three years on process route, material selection, and operation control, has successfully developed a technology of “waste acid gas fume - secondary concentration by steam”. This technology, which is unique in the domestic market, achieves 100% recycling of waste acid concentration and hence pioneers the “complete recycling of waste acid”. In particular, the gas fume concentration skillfully utilizes the waste heat of gas fume generated after furnace calcining in the production process, which not only lightens the burden of furnace gas fume treatment, but also plays a role in initial concentration of waste acid, thus can save a large amount of resources and energy. No wonder Doctor Lailach, expert in waste acid treatment of titanium dioxide from Bayer AG, spoke highly of this technology after his on-spot investigation. In 2007, this technology was awarded the national invention patent. 

In the annual conference of titanium dioxide industry in 2005, the General Manager of the Company made a speech titled “Relying on technological innovation to develop a green brand,” in which he introduced the Company’s successful experience in comprehensive treatment of “the three wastes” and clean production through technological innovation, and was highly appreciated by industry fellows. 

With the responsibility to benefit the society, on the basis of environmental management, we takes clean production as the eternal theme, the recycling economy as the inevitable course for enterprise development, and the building of a harmonious society, a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise as one of our sacred duties. By achieving a win-win situation in both economic benefit and environmental benefit, by performing demonstration effect in sustainable development of the industry, the Company has received high reputation from local government and adjacent residents as well as various parties concerned, thus built a good situation of harmony and win-win cooperation. In a word, by developing an extremely famous environment-friendly brand, the Company has created a miracle in the industry.   

Environmental Protection